Any wood floor scraping, even if it is a minimum length of 30m2 or less than this length, takes 3 days to do the service, and if it is up to 60m2 it takes around 4 days to do the entire procedure, 100m2 already takes 5 6 days from completion, but it also depends a lot on the number of environments. The more environments the more the number of corners for sanding increases, and this takes time to do well.

Wood Floor Scraping is a difficult service that requires a lot of attention and professionalism from the person who is doing it.

Usually two machines are used to scrape the wooden floor, a large machine that weighs more than 100 kilos that scrapes the entire environment and a small machine to sand the edges.

The large machine that does this wooden floor scraping service is very heavy and dangerous. Therefore, handling this equipment needs to be a trained and experienced professional.

The scraping of the wooden floor is done with 5 different sanding grenades, from the thickest one, number 24, to remove the old resin and level the floor that is often warped, to the finest one, number 100 to polish.

After passing the first sandpaper, the old caulking is removed with a scratcher and this is done manually and then the wood joints are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. There cannot be a small piece of the old caulking because in the future this piece will leave the floor and a hole will be left in the joint.

The best mass used to make the caulking is the Polyurethane which is called by the PU Mass scrapers. This Mass no longer leaves the floor because it consists of PU Glue. It forms a strong alloy and is very resistant to water and high and low temperatures and remains flexible after drying and must be in the color of the wood being restored.

The polyurethane putty will help to secure the wooden floor, making it difficult for noises to appear and to loosen in the future.

Caulking needs to be done well and in the ideal color, because it is what makes up the final charm on the wooden floor.

Once the caulking is done on every floor, it is necessary to allow it to dry overnight and after scraping the wooden floor with the other sandpapers the next day, after polishing, the environments are cleaned, such as walls and floors for only then start the finishing steps with applications of resins, the first step being the application of a base coat and after drying the floor is sanded and the second coat of resin is applied and the next day the floor is sanded again and applied the third coat of resin for the floor to be smooth and well protected and the floor is also cleaned between one coat and another so that there is no trace of dust in the application.

After everything is finished, it is rewarding to see our customers’ satisfaction and thanks.

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how to refinishing hardwood floors process

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