Benefits of Solid Hardwood Flooring

Another advantage of floor scraping is that it allows you to bring back the beauty of your wooden floor, rescuing the history and natural beauty of your home, valuing the property and contributing to a different and unique decoration.

  • Easy to clean. …
  • High quality look. …
  • Strength and durability. …
  • A great long-term investment. …
  • Variety. …
  • Better acoustics. …
  • Healthy indoor air quality.

The light wood floor is a floor for those who prefer a decoration that matches the other elements of the environment. A floor in this color makes the place where it is installed more elegant, improving the visual aspect of the place.
Ensure a durable floor

The floor is a type of floor that stands out for its long durability, making maintenance easier and reducing damage from scratches and stains on its surface.
Have more versatility for different environments

Hardwood Floor Refinishing  With the floor depending on the customer’s preference, it is possible to bring a more rustic or modern look to the environment. Practicality at the time of installation may become more practical but may also require greater care, among the other advantages of this type of floor:

Beauty can have the appearance of laminate flooring;
Practical cleaning;
Easy maintenance.


General Contractor

Whether you hire a general contractor or you act as one yourself, there are some things you should know before do a remodel or renovation on you home or commercial business. If you do not know these things, you can easily end up spending more than you planned on and hit some major pitfalls.

Some of these tips include…

Have a design or plan first. Never go with the flow. Hire an interior designer or architect. MIA Construction can help you with this. We offer design services.

Be fast with your decision making. Yes, simple and very true. There are usually project delays, because you take too long to make a decision. The longer you take to make a decision to decide on paint color, faucet selection or anything else, the longer it will take to start a project and finish it.

and more!

We would love to help you avoid these pitfalls. You can read our blog or you can call us for some answers and a free estimate. Either way, we would love to help you out.

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